Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anxiety problems

Ok so lately ive been having alot of issues going on my head in my temples have been feeling like sqeezed and my vision is going wierd becuz of it and ive been forgetting things easily also my mouth my whole toungue is white and i have white bumbs all in the back of my throat but its hard for me to swallow i had the doctor look when i was rushed to the emergency room becuz my heart was beating to quick ive been having pains in my chest in my lower left abdomon my right abdomon near my heart in my lower back a burning sensations and all in my lower stomach a real bad sharp pain all day long i tell my mom about these things and she gets mad at me and tells me she aint taking me to the doctor aint nothing wrong i probly got anxiety becuz i smoked weed one time and flipped out on it but that was awhile ago and these pains are getting worse everyday shes saying im just crazy and its all in my head but idk Could this be anxiety ?
has anyone else ever had in problems like this im only 15 i shouldent be having so many problems ?? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated thankz ...